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        Your present location:HOME >> Exhibition Info >> We will participate in All in Print China Shanghai exhibition

        We will participate in All in Print China Shanghai exhibition

        Number of visits: Date:2014年10月24日 14:41



        The 5th All in Print China exhibition will be held on Nov. 14-17 in Shanghai. Based on the success story and best practice of the past four editions, the 5th All in Print China will, as always, offer a technology exchange platform with the most professional services for exhibitors and visitors from different parts of the world for a fresh, innovative, and harmonious future of the printing industry in China and around the world.
          We will push out the new revolutionary double layer CTP plate: Clio on this exhibition, we sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to witness and experience the magnificence of All in Print China 2014! See you in Shanghai!

          HUAFENG Booth: No. W4B127

            Waysto Contact Us: 

        E-MAIL: yushow@huafeng-ps.com


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