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        We will participate in Print China 2015 exhibition

        Number of visits: Date:2015年3月25日 14:37



        The international Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) (PRINT CHINA 2015) is a large international printing equipments and technologies exhibition. In the context of technological reform and upgrading and adjustment of industrial structure in global printing industry, the 3rd International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) (PRINT CHINA 2015) will be held from April 7 to April 12, 2015, in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center (Dongguan), with a Green, High-efficient, Digitalized and Intelligent theme, with an effort to reflect the latest achievements and cutting-edge development trends in terms of international perspective and strategic height, and to bring about new development opportunities for both sides of supply and demand and China’s industry through exchanges and dialogues between colleagues from the printing and printing equipment industries all over the world.
          We will push out the new revolutionary double layer CTP plate: Clio on this exhibition, we sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to witness and experience the magnificence of Print China 2015! See you in Dongguan!

          HUAFENG Booth: No. 3F1023

            Ways to Contact Us: 

          E-MAIL: yushow@huafeng-ps.com


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