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        Our boss accompany with Premier li to France to take part in business conference

        Number of visits: Date:2015年7月6日 09:53



        From June 29, 2015 to July 2nd, Chongqing Huafeng DiJet Printing Materials Co., Ltd., chairman : Liu fengyou be invited to participate in the ‘FORUM D’AFFAIRES FRANCE – CHINE 2015’ in France, Paris.


        In the 8 hours of the meeting, the chairman of our company, Liu Fengyou and the French entrepreneurs who have continued to carry out many rounds of talks, the atmosphere is warm, the effect is obvious.




        Our chairman Liu Fengyou do an impassioned speech, China and France have a profound traditional friendship and broad space for cooperation of small and medium enterprises of the two countries. Huafeng is the star enterprise of China's printing industry, but also the world's major suppliers of printed materials. Along with the economic globalization, the production of the printing plate is gradually concentrated in the world factory, and the various fine books, newspapers and magazines in France need to be printed. China and France have great cooperation in the printing field, we can provide high quality printing plate for French printing enterprises, in order to further enhance the competitiveness and vitality of French printing enterprises. We also want to seize the country 'along the way' strategy of the great opportunity to go out, to create an international brand, casting a century of Huafeng.


        Huafeng's various printed plate has been highly concerned by the French printing filed:


         CTP PLATE - CLIO

         CTCP PLATE –KX

         CTP PLATE – TX

        CTP PLATE – V6

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