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        Your present location:HOME >> Printing Plate >> FPS-A POSITIVE PS PLATE
        • No.: CP17
        • Application scope: High quality long run color printing、Newspaper printing and rotary press printing
        • Views : 807

        Type FPS—A FPS—K FPS—H FPS—D
        Application Type

        High quality long run color printing

        Newspaper printing and rotary press printing

        Middle run color printing

        Light printing

        Plate Features Multi layer grains, smooth coating, high sensitive speed, excellent dot reappearance, large exposure and developing latitude, quick ink water balance, long impression

        abrasion resistant grains, precise size, excellent dot reappearance, quick ink water balance, super long impression

        Multi layer grains, Seal Pore process, smotth coating, fast sensitive speed, excellect dot reappearance,  quick ink water balance, long reserving time

        Economical printing, high sensitive speed, perforation by international standard

        Aluminium Substrate Southwest Aluminium Group Alloy 1050 PS aluminium coil      
        Plate Thickness 0.15mm ,0.20mm, 0.25mm,0.30mm,0.40mm
        Maximum coil width 1300mm
        Spectral Sensitivity 320—450nm
        Exposure energy 30 seconds with 3KW iodine-gallium lamp distance: 1.2 meters
        Developing Temperature 23±2℃
        Developing Time 20±5S


        Saft light
        Under yellow light
        Resolution 2-98% at 200lpi
        Run Length

        100,000 copies unbaked, 200,000 copies after baking

        (Actual run length may vary according to printing machine , ink, paper conditions)
        Shelf Life

        18 months

        Storage Conditions

        The recommended storage conditions are 1025℃,with 40%-60% humidity

        Away from sunlight radiation & direct sunlight,Anti-humidity,Anti-acid & alkali

        Key words :


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